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Step into CX Leadership

June 06, 2023 Jeannie Walters, CCXP Episode 27
Experience Action
Step into CX Leadership
Show Notes

❔"I find myself in operations, and I keep helping other departments with their CX. I'm looking to join another company where their CX strategy isn't that solid yet, and I want to place myself in a position to run that for them. I've learned a lot, and I know I can learn a lot more. What's the best way to present myself in that scenario where I can help them take their CX journey to the next level?"❔

One of the most frustrating things about walking into a leadership role of any kind in customer experience (CX) at any organization is that the playbook is somewhat different depending on their CX maturity level and how they define CX leadership and success. In this episode, Jeannie Walters explains how to step back to understand CX management in an organization to figure out where they need to start or how to get to the next level with realistic and aligned goals. Tune in for some examples, insights, and challenging questions to ask. You are invested in success, and we love that!

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Take the CXI® Compass assessment -- CXICompass.com
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