Experience Action

Get that CX Job!

May 23, 2023 Jeannie Walters, CCXP Episode 25
Experience Action
Get that CX Job!
Show Notes

❔"Do you have any advice on how to prepare for a CX interview? As someone being interviewed for a new CX role, what should I bring up?"❔

Often in CX, the interview can be daunting because the job description, roles, and titles might not add up to what you were expecting. That's what makes the interview process so important! Jeannie shares an exciting way to think about the interview in this episode. It's a chance for you to see if the organization has the right expectations around customer experience and an opportunity to explore possible changes you can make to improve not just the lives of customers but the all-important business results.

Tune in for some questions you can ask and red flags to look for in your next interview. As you jot down the questions, make sure to note what answers would be most meaningful to you.

Resources Mentioned:
Download the free CX Charter Guidebook -- bit.ly/cxcharter
Experience Investigators Learning Center -- experienceinvestigators.com
Join the Waitlist for the CXI® Flight School -- cxiflightschool.com

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