Experience Action

Becoming Customer-Centric

February 28, 2023 Jeannie Walters, CCXP Episode 13
Experience Action
Becoming Customer-Centric
Show Notes

❔How do we link all the areas in our organization together for a better customer experience? How do we really become customer-centric? ❔

When discussing customer experience, we often start with tactics (surveys, data collection, etc.) and don't connect them to the big picture. When customer experience is not connected to the organization as a whole, it can be challenging. It's all about cultural commitment, which starts with leaders. Wherever you sit as a customer experience change agent, you are a leader! You can be someone who makes changes.

In this episode, Jeannie shares some recommendations for becoming customer-centric. Tune in to hear more about:
- defining goals around customer experience and business outcomes
- creating a feedback strategy
- understanding customers beyond surveys

Resources Mentioned:
CX Mission Statement Workbook -- bit.ly/cx-mission-workbook
CX Success Statement Workbook -- bit.ly/cx-success-workbook
CX Charter Guidebook -- bit.ly/cxcharter
Experience Investigators Website -- www.experienceinvestigators.com

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