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Characteristics of Great Customer Experience (CX)

January 24, 2023 Jeannie Walters, CCXP Episode 8
Experience Action
Characteristics of Great Customer Experience (CX)
Show Notes

❔"What are the main characteristics that make up a good customer experience?"❔

This question could be answered in a multitude of ways because Customer Experience (CX) is complex. When we talk about CX, there are many different parts. It needs to factor in the end-to-end customer journey, every single interaction, including moments when customers feel like they've been let down or when they were surprised and delighted.

When working with CX change agents and leaders, Jeannie focuses on three main macro factors for creating an exceptional customer experience. She explores each in more detail in this episode:
- The vision and the promise of your customer experience
- Empowered employees who feel valued and heard
- Not just listening but acting

Resources Mentioned:
Experience Investigators Learning Center -- experienceinvestigators.com

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