Experience Action

Process Improvement VS. Customer Experience

January 17, 2023 Jeannie Walters, CCXP Episode 7
Experience Action
Process Improvement VS. Customer Experience
Show Notes

❔"Is customer experience and process improvement the same thing?" ❔

This is a very interesting question! For starters, we need to think of it as a "yes, and" scenario. Business plans tend to focus on what's happening INSIDE the organization, while customer experience is often happening outside what you do. Customer experience is the end-to-end experience that the customer is having with your brand, and it's happening if you're being intentional or not. So let's be intentional!

In this episode, Jeannie talks about
- Business processes and customer experience management
- Where our focus needs to be for CX and business processes
- Reviewing business goals in relation to customer experience
- How to get this outside lens of what's happening with your business

Resources Mentioned:
Experience Investigators Website -- experienceinvestigators.com
Customer Service Blueprinting [LinkedIn Learning Course] -- bit.ly/lilblueprint
Article: Service Blueprinting and the Next Normal -- experienceinvestigators.com/service-blueprint-how-to/

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