Experience Action

How To Use a Customer Experience (CX) Mission

December 27, 2022 Jeannie Walters, CCXP Episode 4
Experience Action
How To Use a Customer Experience (CX) Mission
Show Notes

❔"How do you use a customer experience (CX) mission statement?"❔ 

This question is near and dear to Jeannie's heart. In fact, Jeannie and Experience Investigators were so passionate about CX Mission Statements, that they created a system to help fill the gaps they frequently saw in many CX plans. They saw that many existing company mission statements didn't take into account the customer as a whole.

In this week's episode, Jeannie talks about all things CX Mission Statement...

  • her favorite ways to use a CX Mission Statement
  • places a CX Mission Statement is used
  • how to keep the CX mission statement top of mind
  • getting employees involved in using the tool
  • tips and tricks to take action

Thanks for helping Jeannie on her mission to create fewer ruined days for customers. Don't forget to grab your FREE CX Mission Statement Workbook below!

Resources Mentioned:
Experience Investigators Website -- www.experienceinvestigators.com
CX Mission Statement Workbook -- bit.ly/cx-mission-workbook
Get a year of free Customer Experience Resources -- www.YearofCX.com

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